ALUMINI :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  143.25    ALUMINIUM :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  143.25    CARDAMOM :-  1 KGS  VANDANMEDU  1,100.00    CHANA :-  100 KGS  DELHI  4,183.00    COPPER :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  464.85    COPPERM :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  464.85    COTTON :-  1 BALES  RAJKOT  19,580.00    CPO :-  10 KGS  KANDLA  583.70    CRUDEOIL :-  1 BBL  MUMBAI  4,083.00    CRUDEOILM :-  1 BBL  MUMBAI  4,083.00    GOLD :-  10 GRMS  AHMEDABAD  30,390.00    GOLDGUINEA :-  8 GRMS  AHMEDABAD  24,410.00    GUARGUM :-  100 KGS  JODHPUR  9,954.00    GUARSEED :-  100 KGS  JODHPUR  4,365.00    JUTE :-  100 KGS  KOLKATA  4,301.50    LEAD :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  164.15    LEADMINI :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  164.15    MENTHAOIL :-  1 KGS  CHANDAUSI  1,472.30    NATURALGAS :-  1 mmBtu  HAZIRA  171.30    NICKEL :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  894.40    NICKELM :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  894.40    REFSOYOIL :-  10 KGS  INDORE  782.50    SALMONDDEL :-  1 KGS  DELHI  553.50    SBPPRKCH :-  100 KGS  KOCHI  42,165.00    SCSTRSDDIS :-  100 KGS  DEESA  4,158.00    SILVER :-  1 KGS  AHMEDABAD  38,343.00    SILVER1000 :-  1 KGS  DELHI  38,287.00    SILVERMIC :-  1 KGS  AHMEDABAD  38,343.00    SRBDKND :-  10 KGS  KANDLA  647.60    SUGARMDEL :-  100 KGS  DELHI  3,596.00    SUGARMKOL :-  100 KGS  KOLHAPUR  3,325.00    SUGARSKLP :-  100 KGS  KOLHAPUR  3,245.00    TIN :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  1,402.50    WHEAT :-  100 KGS  DELHI  1,800.00    ZINC :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  231.35    ZINCMINI :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  231.35    
23 Feb 2018 17:26
Name Expiry Curr.Price %Chg.
RUBBER Mar-2018 12560.00 0.68
23 Feb 2018 17:26
Symbol Exp.Date LTP Rs Chg.(%)
RUBBER JUN2018 13312.00 +1.50
RUBBER MAY2018 13150.00 +1.26
RUBBER APR2018 12915.00 +0.88
RUBBER MAR2018 12560.00 +0.68
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Indices Index Value %Diff
DJIA 25,309.99 +1.39
DAX 12,483.79 +0.18
FTSE 100 7,244.41 -0.11
Shanghai Comp... 3,289.02 +0.63
Nikkei 225 21,892.78 +0.72
Nasdaq 7,337.39 +1.77
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Introduction of Options in Commodity Derivatives Market : SEBI has constituted a committee of experts known as Commodity Derivatives Advisory Committee (CDAC) to advise SEBI on matters concerning effective regulation and development of the commodity derivatives market. The recommendations made by the CDAC inter alia, on the subject of introduction of new products have been considered and it has been decided that Commodity Derivatives Exchanges shall be permitted to introduce trading in 'options'.

Based on the regulatory requirement, MCX has implemented push based SMS service, to disseminate Exchange traded commodity future contract price information. The said facility has been implemented on the website under My MCX section of MCX website, To avail the SMS service, interested stake holders are required to register on the website and select the commodities for price update. The price dissemination through SMS implemented by the Exchange is provided free to the subscribers.

NMCE circular on SEBI Turnover Charges: “In terms of SEBI Regulations, Schedule III, (Regulation10), Table -2, all the members of the Exchange, dealing in Commodity Derivatives, are required to pay a fee to SEBI on turnover done by them with effect from 28th September 2015 and the current rate of fee is as follows:- “Rs 20/- Per crore (0.0002 percent of member turnover)” With effect from 1st July 2016 the SEBI Turnover charges collected from the member as under. “Rs 20/- Per crore (0.0002 percent of member turnover)”

In order to provide better clarity in understanding the term “Final Expiry Date/ Expiry Date” given to commodities by the Assayers empaneled/ approved by the Exchange, “Expiry Date/Final Expiry Date” shall henceforth be denoted as “Exchange Deliverable Date (EDD)” in all assaying certificates issued by the assayers and wherever the term “Expiry Date/Final Expiry Date” is reflected or mentioned shall henceforth mean and shall be read and also referred to as “Exchange Deliverable Date(EDD)”.

W.e.f December 01, 2015, trading will be limited to square off the existing open position for clients who are not registered under the KRA. Fresh positions will not be allowed until registration under the KRA.

As per Government notifications, Service Tax is being hiked to 15% from the existing 14% consequent to the levy of Swachh Bharat Cess (0.50%), and Krishi Kalyan Cess (0.50%). Hence, the new Service Tax rate @ 15% will be applicable for all trades.

A new contract for Gold is available in MCX. Symbol: GOLDGLOBAL This contract does not include any local market premium. The DDR price will be calculated on the expiry date based on the International price on that day at RBI reference rate. Other Benefits: Perfect Hedge for Exporters, Importers & Indian Refiners. Only two variables: International prices and Currency. Spread benefit: Pay only 25% of total margin. Contract excludes custom duty, taxes and Domestic premium/discount. Cash Settled contract. No need to hedge 3 Legs (International exchange, domestic exchange and currency exchange)

NCDEX launched Forward contracts in Gold for delivery in Hyderabad Duration: maximum 60 days. Base price: Price agreed at the time of trade. Pricing Date: As agreed between buyer and seller. Initial margin: 5%. For more information :

We are pleased to announce our name change, from Geojit Comtrade Ltd. to Geofin Comtrade Ltd. Our new logo and look reflects our vision to become an integrated service and solution provider in the commodities space.

“Please be informed on the following changes with regard to online access:

Online Trading:

Online Back-office & Payment gateway:

The basics of commodity trading
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